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RIIIT Drive - 2016
RIIIT Mysore has selected the following students
Shradha Shilpa
Priyadarshini Sudharani
Sneha Sajjan Jyoti
Shivleela Martina
Priyanka Preeti Digwal
Ruby Sharadha
Shreya Shaher Shruti Biradar
Preeti Kumari Shubha
Vaidehi Kulkarni Harshita Patil
Aishwarya Biradar Saraswathi
Pooja Kandhal Shruti Sanjeev Rao
Savita P. Priyanka
Pooja G Sneha Kodde
Priya Jadhav Shivamangala
Megha Ranjere Divya Rani
28th April, 2016

    About T and P Cell

    The Training & Placement Department is an indispensable pillar of the Institute. It has an important role to play in the student's prospects for employability. Placements provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate, in the real world, the application of the knowledge they have acquired over the years. This department continuously strives to help students acquire employment relevant skills so that they can pursue their career goals with challenging roles in the industry.
    We recognize the power and strength of our educational methods and the impact this has in providing suitable placement for students in the industry. Our department is a place where our prospective engineers create and develop skills relevant to the responsibilities they will should in the work place. We trust "To reap the benefits tomorrow, we need to sow the seeds today" and we act upon it. We earnestly work to transform the talent pool through training programs by experts from the industry. The department is proactive and has a team of experienced resources who groom and nurture students.
    The department engages with the industry. Organizations invited for campus recruitments so that students get career offers before they graduate from the college.

    Our Recruiters